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Limit and Stop Entrry Orders Plotting in reverse?

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So I've done the training but am confused by the Limit and Stop Entry orders as plotted on the IG platform for CFD trading.  In the training, I understand that:

a. if I want to enter a trade to buy a stock at a more favourable price than today (i.e. cheaper than the current price, e.g. 3.32), I can set a limit order.

b. If I want to enter a trade to buy a stock at a LESS favourable than the price today (i.e. more expensive than the current price, e.g. 3.847), I can set a stop order.

So why, when you see the attached screenshot, is the IG platform showing me a Limit order as LESS favourable for a Buy Entry Order (3.847), and MORE favourable for a Stop Order (3.32)?

Isn't this upside down? 

Qantas Screenshot.JPG

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