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GBPUSD Who got fills (buys or sells) below 1.1800 today?


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I would love to hear form anyone who traded the GBPUSD today at prices below 1.18.


Early Australian time I took a screenshot where activity showed 4 separate 1 minute bars traded well below 1.1800, down to around 1.12.  When I now look at the same chart, magically there are now lows below 1.18 showing. 


So basically we have a situation here where IG have doctored their data.  Why?


Even worse, on tradingview.com, FXCM doctored their data from a low of 1.19030 (Basis IQ Feed data) to 1.2273  

Almost 4 big figures. They shouldn't even be allowed  to have a license in the US, verifying the low view so many have of the firm.  


But back to IG.  Please, if you have traded below 1.18 today on the GBPUSD, drop a message here.


Did IG cancel your trades?  

How quickly did they inform you of this?  

What if you had already made an exit trade?  

What if you were short into the crash, took your profit below 1.18 and walked away?  Are you actually still short if they cancelled your trade? 

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Guest louistxy

I have a short position on GBP/JPY and want to take profit at the close of the 5 mins plunging bearish candle. However, I was not allowed to trade online and when I tried to call on phone, the line is engaged. By the time IG allowed me to trade online (btw, the line is still engaged after 30 mins), my profit of 800 pips become just less than 200 pips. 


This is daylight robbery!

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I rang the melborne office last night and they where really helpful, i think they have a lot less staff on at night in the London office, they have relevant contact numbers which you can find on the homepage. 

Ig has some of these safety switches due to a similar event that happened with the swiss frank a while back in order to protect their clients.

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