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IG Exchange Market History

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Hi there,


New to IG, came from OANDA.

I've been searching for a new trading platform and stumbled on IG. Have a question that i cant seem to find answers neither online or in this forum.

Using OANDA as an example, i can find on Tradingview the Charts where OANDA bases their markets. Just like FOREX.com, FXCM, ICE, SAXO, OANDA has their own market charts. But i cant understand from where does IG gets their trading platform charts.

I dont strategize on any trading platform, even on OANDA i just use their platform for putting trades, all my strategy trading is made on Tradingview. So when i see the price of "Brent Crude Oil(BCOUSD)" trading @44.654 on OANDA charts, but IG platform shows "Oil - Brent Crude(£1) Spot" trading @4525.9, i get kinda lost.

Can anyone tell me where is IG "sipping" chart history from? Even if its their own charts, dont they show on Tradingview?


Thanks in advance guys.

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