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    • Interesting if true. Looks suspicious though. "Contains OS data Crown copyright and database right 2020/21" doesn't look like a usual ONS disclaimer. Can you post a link to the ONS source? otherwise not worth anything, I could knock this up in Excel in 5 minutes....
    • Also sorry if my profit target was hit it would equate to 1.76R, might be a big if.
    • I'm essentially looking to get into long positions over days with the low being somewhere near the bottom of the Bollinger band set to 20 days, 2 SD. I'm using the 1hr chart to enter so require multiple goes and hence my R is the total of those attempts. That's fine so long as I know that my profit target is realistic and might be close to be the top of the upper band and from recent history when the market hits the bottom it will often then go to the top or at least from how the market had been behaving recently it doesn't seem unreasonable. Assume the stop does not follow up at this stage or at least to break even for this trade (entry attempt) which could be 1R but doesn't mean much given the potential accruing loss of multiple entry attempts (eg 6 attempts would be 6R). 
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