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Gary Allen



Ok, so I have shares in Newfield Recources Ltd, an Australian company. I have a share certificate from The Australian Share Registry and an electronic copy on their website. I was told by IG that they could deal in this stock so I opened an ISA and a share dealing account. I am now told that IG do not deal in ASX stock after all, but if I go to the drop down menu and search, I can reveal a whole load of ASX companies I can trade, Newfield included. 

I open a chat with someone called Ankit who told me IG do not deal in any ASX stock and I could download a CRest form to transfer my ASX stock over as long as it is LSE stock ! That was an hour of my life wasted ! Can someone please enlighten me as to whether IG can handle this stock or where on earth I can go to get it handled, I feel I have been mislead here so as to open accounts with IG. 

I attach a screenshot showing the stock "they dont deal in" ??? 

NWF proof.jpg

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