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FY20 annual tax statement



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Mine is available now. Although it doesn't seem to be a full tax statement. It doesn't show costs and fees incurred that would be tax deductible, doesn't show capital gains or losses. It honestly shows not much at all. Anyone else have this issue?

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Guest Annual Tax Statement
On 30/10/2020 at 03:35, myname said:

I reached IG one year back for 2019 tax statement . All I got apology for not having it and promise to be available in 2020. Now still all one gets an income statement but not the tax statement summarizing volume of translation, balance fund and fees deducted. I thought it is a legal requirement for all banking and share service providers. 

Insult to injury, even 24 hours open, IG phone line is not attended for 20 minutes until I hung up. Taking leverage of OVID absenteeism. Why that does not happen for Comm sec ? 


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Yes. Missing this as well. CMC annual tax statement shows capital gain/loss for each SELL trade.

Wondering if this can be created using the trade history. Probably possible with a lot of Excel work.
Get complicated if  BUYs were averaged up/down,  SELLs did not contain full holdings to do this correctly.
(i.e. FirstIn , FirstOut principle to be applied etc.)

Maybe a fellow trader did the work already, based on what can be downloaded from IG?

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