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Errors in balances

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Still every US share's profit calculation is wrong, also the total balance is incorrect.  
For example, Apple, Qualcomm, iShare Global Clean energy ETF  etc.
The difference between the changed stock price and the quantity multiplied by the amount does not match, and the total balance does not match. 
The stock's calculations were not correct either.
I wasted my time to find these mistakes despite of good weekend.
Can I trust this trading site and continue to invest ? 
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Hi Swansdm

Thank you so much for your reply - it re-assured me!

Yes - QQQ and others are out - I found out about because I got a (false) margin call - scared the hell out of me as I have had issues before with IG.

Perhaps worse was that I couldn't get through to customer services even though they were supposed to be open from 08:00 Saturday - as a result I decided to add funds to my account (which I didn't really want to do).

Pleased to see it was sorted for me now by contacting the new number 0800 409 6789 (make a note of it for future issues)

Thanks again!

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