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IG preventing me to trade Bitcoin group SE shares

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Hi, I bought Bitcoin group SE shares in Spring 2018. Now I want to set up a Good till cancelled limit price for them and I can’t do it online. After two days on the phone with IG help desk and share dealing desk, I found out that actually I can’t have this option at all. For some dubious reason, they can only sell my shares now over the phone or set a day limit price, that expires after the trading hours on that day. Since it takes 23 minutes each time to get through to speak to someone on IG help desk, and than further 10 minutes for them to put you through to speak to a dealer, who than has no full knowledge of how is trade being done with said shares, and therefore has to consult with share dealing desk, it seems that on the day I decided to sell my shares, I would have to wait in line on the phone to execute it. I will waste time, and may miss the price. I easily bought shares online through IG platform, now that I want to sell them and cash in, IG is making it very difficult to do it. Reasons for this are doubtful.

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