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Trade reporting for spreadbetting sadly lacking

Guest SDTrader

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Guest SDTrader

I would like to see proper trade reporting on the Spreadbet platform. It is sadly lacking.


Currently on the P&L breakdown, it doesn't even show a running total after every item. This is quite useless.


Would some trade stats be too much to ask for? such as MAE, Sharpe Ratio, Profit to Loss ratio, Expectancy.


I suggest you look at MyFXBook.com to see how trade reporting and statistics is done.

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Welcome to the community!


Thanks for sharing your idea about trade reporting. I will be sure to pass on the points you have made to the relevant team as I can see the value in trading statistics, especially when it comes to trying to optimise a manual or automated strategy as small changes can have long term impacts. 


I do hope that helps and thanks for taking the time to share your idea and if you have any other thoughts then please do let us know. 

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