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AMC LOCK OUT = Criminal

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so today i was locked out of a spread bet position +£4000 on AMC.

as if it wasnt bad enough you constanly locking the platform up every single tim the stock went up or down.

you also locked trades so i couldn't open a new possition to sure up my losses.

seccondly to this and more importantly i couldnt move my  stop loss position, so i couldn't move my stop loss to avoid beeing closed out despite having sufficent funds in my account. resulting in losing in excess of £30,000.

how is this legal. locking people out of trades and limiting there stop positions so they have no chioce other than to just lose money.

FCA need to be involved i think.

can you please explaine to me how this is even legal.


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10 hours ago, iguser3 said:

I'm not sure it is legal. There is a big class action lawsuit in the US against Robinhood about restricting any new positions

im currently waiting for IG to get back to me. seem to be very quiet ATM. not happy at all. its affecting my business and my personal life having this hangong over me. They took a lot of money from me.


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