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Clarification on IG Fees

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I recently joined this platform and would like some clarification on the fees specifically what happens in month 2. Based on my understanding ( and here taking into account only US Stocks) trades are at 10£/trade unless you have had more than 3 trades in previous month. Also the 24£ quarterly fee is discounted if you trade 3 or more times in the quarter. My 2 questions are:

1) Is there a minimum trade limit ?

2) What happens after second month: If i do 3+ trades at 0£/trade do I still qualify for the 0£/Trade and not being charged 24£ as long as I keep this going?



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Guest Fabturbo

1) "Is there a minimum trade limit?".

Yes, £90 is the minimum size for a trade to be accepted for consideration. To avoid the Custody Fee (£24), charged quarterly or every three months, you will need to make one trade per month (£8 each), that amounts to the £24 Custody Fee. To avoid this fee you must either make money from your trades to fund a £100 spend per month or deposit (minimum "£250") £300 to spend £100 a month.



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