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ABI takes time to repair the Elder Winch motor and to arrange the other necessary things to make sure that the great sleeping giant project will be DEFINATELY operative in the coming months confidently until the end of this summer!

Actually this is the pre-production period to check everything that is perfect to work, The motor and the other equipment as it will be not good if any instrument will be went odd during the actual production and it may cause the waste of time and money and production targets .So it is very important that everything is to be satisfactory, All the equipment The Motor and the other instruments that’s are 100% in working condition to make the dreams true about the sleeping giant project!

Recently they announces that they get the main motor and it is in working condition they also borrow C$ 6,500,000 as financial aid and also C$1,500,000 as a credit facility so they can arrange everything tremendously for the Sleeping Giant  project for its 100% accomplishment!


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