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    • NEE¬†Elliott Wave Analysis Trading Lounge Daily Chart, NextEra Energy Inc., (NEE) Daily Chart NEE Elliott Wave Technical Analysis FUNCTION: Trend MODE: Impulsive STRUCTURE: Motive POSITION: Minor 3. ¬† DIRECTION: Top in 3. ¬† DETAILS: Looking for a three wave move in wave 2 to be soon completed, to then continue¬†higher. ¬†Looking for Minor wave 3 to keep unfolding into a clear five wave¬†move, the next level of¬†resistance will be TL8 at 80$. ¬† ¬† NEE Elliott Wave Analysis Trading Lounge 4Hr Chart, NextEra Energy Inc., (NEE) 4Hr Chart NEE Elliott Wave Technical Analysis FUNCTION: Trend MODE: Impulsive STRUCTURE: Motive ¬† POSITION: Wave (v) of {iii} DIRECTION: Upside in (v). DETAILS: Looking for upside into wave (v), volume confirm the bullish move, and we have¬†equality of {iii} vs. {i} already surpassed at 75$, 1.618 stands at 84$. Welcome to our latest Elliott Wave analysis for NextEra Energy Inc. (NEE). This analysis provides an in-depth look at NEE's price movements using the¬†Elliott Wave Theory, helping traders identify potential opportunities based on current¬†trends and market structure. We will cover insights from both the daily and 4-hour charts¬†to offer a comprehensive perspective on NEE's market behavior. ¬† * NEE Elliott Wave Technical Analysis ‚Äď Daily Chart* In our Elliott Wave analysis of NextEra Energy Inc. (NEE) on May 29, 2024, we¬†observe an impulsive trend characterized by a motive structure. NEE is currently¬†positioned in Minor wave 3, indicating a top in wave 3. We anticipate a three-wave¬†move in wave 2 to be completed soon, after which the trend should continue higher. As¬†Minor wave 3 unfolds into a clear five-wave move, traders should look for the next level¬†of resistance at TL8 around $80. Monitoring this level can provide confirmation of the¬†ongoing bullish trend. ¬† * NEE Elliott Wave Technical Analysis ‚Äď 4Hr Chart* On the 4-hour chart, NEE is following an impulsive trend within a motive structure,¬†specifically in wave (v) of {iii}. The current analysis indicates that we are looking for¬†further upside in wave (v), with volume confirming the bullish move. The equality of¬†wave {iii} vs. {i} has already been surpassed at $75, with the 1.618 extension standing¬†at $84. Traders should watch for potential resistance around this level, which could offer¬†strategic opportunities for profit-taking or positioning for further upside. ¬† Technical Analyst¬†:¬†Alessio Barretta Source : Tradinglounge.com get trial here! ¬† ¬†
    • Compared to other meme tokens, Dogecoin (DOGE) currently acts as the "dark horse." It hasn't yet participated in a significant rally or reached new highs, indicating potential for upward movement. Resistance and Potential Breakthrough Dogecoin price is currently challenging the resistance zone between $0.170 and $0.180. If it successfully breaches this barrier, it could significantly amplify its upward trend, with the next target for buyers at $0.197. Possible Correction and Support Levels In the event of a correction, DOGE is expected to test the support zones at $0.147 to $0.150 and $0.136 to $0.142. SHIB: Poised for Growth For the last two weeks, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been trading within a wide flat range, fluctuating between the buying zone at $0.0000235‚Äď$0.0000241 and the selling zone at $0.0000260‚Äď$0.0000270. The token is showing strong potential for growth. Factors Driving SHIB's Potential There are two main factors at play: ongoing enthusiasm for meme tokens and significant interest in the Ethereum blockchain, which hosts Shiba Inu, especially following the recent approval of an ETF. Expected Growth and Targets As a result, Shiba Inu stock is expected to accelerate its growth soon, potentially testing new highs, with an immediate target of $0.0000282. Possible Correction and Support Levels While a corrective scenario is possible, it would likely be a temporary setback within an overall upward trend. Key support zones are currently at $0.0000210‚Äď$0.0000225.
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