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Any markets open for PRT demo streaming at weekends?



Hi all,

 basic question here. I like to kid myself that I'm a "bit of a coder" and I'm currently enjoying putting together a few PRT (ProRealTime) scripts that seem to do what I expect them to do.

Obviously I am authoring and testing these scripts on the demo account which is great because you get the live feed data but without the threat of a script doing something stupid and bankrupting you.

I'd like to do this on the weekends, as I have the time. Problem is that I can't find a market that is "Open" on weekends, that is giving live data. There are the Bitcoin markets but at the moment there seems to be a block on any trading, something about "reached our internal limit".

So I need a market that is giving live data on the demo PRT account on Saturdays and Sundays so that I can test out code ideas on live data.

Anyone know of such a market?

Thanks in advance. Peace, love and chocolate biscuits to you all.

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