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Guest Angela wilkes


Guest Angela wilkes


My account is pending and I can’t get through to anyone on webchat or on the phone. I have been on the phone for 1 1/2 hours today and still no answer. I have emailed too.

How can I get help to activate my account?

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    • If the curve is in backwardation, you get paid on DFB.
    • ATR are a good starting point for a stop, but you will need to adjust it based on local support/resistance levels.  If you putting a stop within 1 ATR of the open price, you will get stopped out by market noise. 
    • YES - If it works for the trade then yes and for trailing too Best thing you can do is look at your proposed trading method - calculate its win ratio expectancy etc and also visually SEE what price bars do when it works When traders don't know what exactly their method does/doesn't do - they have wide stops, which eats profits It all depends on the trading method - for example if you're catching reversal points/turns in the market then if you're right the market will NOT trade past the swing low/high point, so that's where your stop would go at worst case Trading the reversals in an uptrend - WHAT WILL THE MARKET NOT DO IF YOU'RE RIGHT? It won't trade BELOW the majority of swing low points So for that strategy placing a stop any lower than the prev swing low just doesn't make sense - so a stop using ATR multiples might not be that good/clever on that type of strategy - but buying breakouts using a ATR multiple might be This is trailing 20 period ATR of a factor of 2 (multiple of 2) So you need to decide on the trading METHOD, work out what it DOES and then BUILD - Entry, Stop, Trailing etc to the method when it works As you can see in the example above if you wanted to catch the big trends then you'd need to use a bigger multiple/factor of the 20 period ATR or you could just BUY when price moved up through the ATR line Good luck  
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