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Hi - any ideas how I vote my GME shares held through IG?

Does this message apply? I don't hold shares on margin...


Do you offer proxy voting?


Yes, if you would like to vote by proxy for a stock that you hold in your Share Trading account, we can arrange that on your behalf.

There will be a charge of A$150 for this service. To take part, please email corporateactions@igmarkets.com.au with the following details at least two weeks before the event:

  • Your IG account number
  • Your full name and address
  • The date and time of the shareholder meeting
  • Your full instruction
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Guest Some1other

What a tedious process to proxy vote.... snail mail to London. Effective.

So skipping that bag of fun side quest, how do we obtain the unique control number for our shares?

We can vote directly with that.


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