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Marvell Technology Group Ltd not able to sell

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I bought few shares of Marvell Technology Group Ltd in ISA Account and suddenly shares seems to be disappeared and system is not allowing me to sell as it is 0 Quantity.

It never happened to other shares , could not understand why it has happened for this.

Statement looks like below and I don't understand what CORPORATE ACTION  is and why it should happen before I buy ?  Ultimately I could not sell this share too

20/04/2021    15:27:49    CORPORATE ACTION    Marvell Technology Group Ltd    BUY    2    0    USD    0
20/04/2021    15:27:09    CORPORATE ACTION    Marvell Technology Group Ltd    SELL    -2    0    USD    0
20/04/2021    15:53:06    TRADE                               Marvell Technology Group Ltd    BUY    2    46    USD    -92


Bharani J



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