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Strategy tester Visual market playback error



I'm opening up the Strategy Tester and selecting a default EA (moving average or macd are the supplied) to run through past price action and practise my price action trading skills using the visual playback mode. I can select a data range for any available asset and it loads and starts: but it only runs for a few days then stops completely the moment the EA has made a trade, and I cannot start it again.
I tried replaying a few forex pairs on the hourly, and the data was always also jumping to early September 2019, regardless ofthe date range I had selected, though when I tried to playback the Nikkei225 on the H4, it *did* start at the correct date, but then similiarly *stopped completely* once the EA had made a single entry.

I basically just want to playback past price action, without interruption, between two dates. Help much appreaciated!

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Edit: I can get continuous playback by testing an indicator rather than an EA. So I've started 'testing' the IG Candle Countdown and it plays back uninterrupted price action between the dates I have selected.
Unsure about the EA stuff, but this is a suitable workaround for me!

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