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Moving Average indicator missing


As can be seen from the screen shot, I have the EMA selected and can alter the numbers, but although the MA indicator is ticked, there is no box at the bottom to allow me to change the figures.Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 15.34.00.png

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    • Hahahaha BBC fact check, you must be joking. All through the 1990s I listened to the Today programme, around 2000 I noticed things were not right, by 2010 it was clear to me the BBC had an agenda and were not impartial at all. That's when I stopped listening to the BBC for news all together. Now I follow 20 - 30 news organisations from around the world. What the BBC were not reporting was often more important than what the were reporting, that is tantamount to lying for a so called 'news' organisation.   'Is that true or did you hear it on the BBC' is a thing.
    • there can only be a few reasons why this farce is given legs, personally I think the most likely reason is that politicians don't want to admit they made a monumental and disastrous mistake that we will be paying for for decades to come, they were all in agreement, both sides of the divide, they are all to blame. They are currently waiting and hoping someone will come up vaccine so they can say 'fixed it' but we're still waiting for a vaccine for the common cold. Doesn't matter anyway as herd immunity will fix it, they just need to be able to say some shot in the arm did it.
    • You must be a big fan of all the memes quoted in this article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/52847648 I thought we were discussing something interesting here but I  find really hard to argue with that extremist side that you are taking. "You are being played" + "you are going to be microchipped" is too much for me. I step out now.