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Guest Willzz


Guest Willzz

Hi again i am another newbe to this.

I placed an order before the markets opened (they have been open over an hour) but it is someone what confusing to see whst is going on when i select orders my order is tbere. however there are options to delete or amend my ordwr thus making me think it hasnt gone through?

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Guest SimonC



An order to open that has not yet been filled will sit in your "Working Orders" box. If you still see it sitting in the working orders box, then this is an easy way to know that it hasn't yet been hit.


Once the order has been traded it will then be visible in your "Open Positions" window. This is where you can track the price and your running profit / loss. It's also where you can click for more options such as closing the deal or editing any stops / limits.


If you'd like us to take a look at your account and talk you through the workings in more detail, please feel free to give us a call on 0207 896 0079. If you're new to IG it's likely that you'll have a new account manger who's assigned to answering any questions you have. Alternatively, our Trading Services team will be happy to help.


Have a good weekend!



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