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XELA Stock

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Hi all, 

I need some advice on what has happened with Exela Technologies (XELA)

I owned 222 pt with an average of 55 cents on this trade. It opened at 70 cent and started to fall. I had 4 positions open on my spreadbet account so naturally, I closed my lower positions for profit, with the intention of buying back in at around the 70 cent mark again with my new profits. Currently still have 70 pt position available too. To my horror, the stock is only available to sell now. I phoned up IG Trader and spoke to 3 different people. One colleague told me that the stock has been closed for buys due to a corporate action currently taking place. Another told me that it has been delisted due to a lower marker cap and won't be available again. Then the last person I spoke with informed me it has been temporarily closed for trade due to the actions being taken with the stock. It is very confusing, as I would not have sold anything had I know this would be the case moving forward. 


Has anybody had the same issue with this stock? Even better, does anyone know when or if the platform will be reopening the stock to trade again? 


As you would imagine I'm heartbroken as this was something I have dedicated a lot of time and effort into trading and now I only have 1/3 of my position available to me! 


Any information would be welcome at this stage!


Many thanks, 



Screenshot_20220127-171213_IG Trading.jpg

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