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i am doing scalping on Russel 2000 on 20 April 2022 at 10:16 pm Singapore time.

To my surprise in a few occasions my chart is FROZEN...   the buy sell tick is still ticking and number changing but the chart is frozen for about 6 minutes between 10:10 to 10:17 pm !!

Luckily the profit loss number are changing and i quickly closed all my positions..  but the chart is frozen for about 6 minutes !!

What is happening ?   Is IG chart not reliable anymore ??

2022-04-20_22-16-49 Chart Frozen.jpg

2022-04-20_22-17-47 Chart Frozen.jpg

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22 hours ago, JohnnyRy said:

A matter of perspective, I guess. I look at it this way...

After thinking about this some more I think you are right about apps running in browsers. Looks like the IG web platform is written in JavaScript using a well-known framework.

Makes sense to think of it was an app. 😊


22 hours ago, JohnnyRy said:

A client trading platform must be running somewhere in order for a person to execute trades on the broker-dealer's trade server. In browser trading, the app (platform) my be hosted on the broker-dealer's data server, but the website loads in the trader's browser.

In contrast, a desktop MT4 platform (or a broker-dealer's ih-house platform) is hosted on the trader's local machine and communicates directly with the broker-dealer's data server and trade server. There is no browser involved. As a side note, broker-dealers offering MT4 generally have a separate trade server dedicated to MT4.

I would think there wouldn't be much difference in terms of the messages which are sent between the app in the browser and a MT4 client?

e.g. both would communicate with the broker's server such as sending request messages for price bar info to display and sending execute messages for buy/sell orders.

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