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the word cancle because even

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i am Imole by name the topic i'm here to say is about the even gorverment and the poor citizes the president and the other gorvernor where so wicked makes every one cry all day that what makes alot of citizes behaving an animal that makes me lose my parent in pain and i was strugling all time and the family i have lied agaist that i have money wheni want surfring to eat so now i this my story is not great and when they heard that i no how to sing they where not happy and trying thire best day to make me cry so i'm for help 


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RSI in OB territory AND WEEKLY price advance is at an angle that can't be maintained, also Gann triple top potential close by too! - doesn't mean it will turn, but significant factors are in place for a pause or correction of some degree

Will the price level prove as resistance or not?

All we can do as traders is trade what we see when a confirming set-up arises - we don't predict - the 2011 price level has obliviously been a key level in the past year as price has failed to break permanently from it

The DAILY chart (bottom chart) gives you a view from the daily pov - I will be looking for shorting set-ups if price gets above the line and near those 2 prev double tops - until then though......

I've been long since the double bottom in late March/early April (as mentioned in my How to Win thread the other week) and will follow the market up until stopped out


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