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MT4 Wont Fails to open positions with small stop losses



Hello, all


I have an issue regarding the margin requirements when trying to open positions in MT4. Usually I trade using Limit orders with small stop losses to trade, but with IG it seems that I am limited to the size of stop loss I am permitted to use given the pair I am trading.

With, for example, EURUSD I cannot place a limit order with an opening price and stop loss smaller than ~10 pips on the Demo account for MT4. And most interestingly, a trade that just barely does not open at a designated 1 lot size, does not also open at 0.01lots! But if that same risk margin changed to have a slightly bigger stop loss, the trades will open regardless of whether I am risking 0.01 lots or 1 lot.

To place the trades, there is an EA installed in my MT4 which calculated my risk for each of those trades, and it displays a margin requirement label at the bottom before I open the trade. But when the trade is able to execute, the margin calculations are way off compared to what it said in the EA, and thus I can only assume that it is some broker side margin calculation issue. I'd like to preface that the EA I have used in plenty of brokers before, and none had displayed the margin incorrectly before.


Is there a way to fix this? Am I connected to the incorrect IG server?

Also, how do you change the given leverage for the MT4 demo accounts? I'm stuck at 200 leverage.

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