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Guest RobertR

Hi ,


Thanks for getting in touch!


Sounds like you're referring to the client sentiment part of the webpage. This will give overall long/short trades based on overall client activity. The easiest way to access this via the web platform would be to right click on the title of the chart and select 'Market Data'. This should open a new tab in your browser where the information is shown.


I've attached a screenshot below showing how this part of the page should look as well as how to access it, but if this isn't what you're referring to please let me know!


Accessing Market Data:

Accessing Market Data.PNG




Client sentiment.PNG


Thanks a lot,



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Guest RobertR

Hi again ,


I'm afraid the feature you describe doesn't ring any bells. I've asked various developers and our trading desks and the feature also doesn't sound familiar to them.


Are you maybe referring to Level 2 data for trading shares? This doesn't show previous trades, but shows the order book so will highlight all pending orders at their respective prices. Full info on this can be found here.


If not however, please give as much detail as possible and I'll be able to take a further look into it.





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