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Hi there.


I have some shares in GNK on the American side and a load of shares on the AIM


On the GNK I can set the shares to sell once a trigger price has been hit


My AIM shares however I can't.


1. Is this possible on IG?

2. Is this possible on other platforms?


I am a normal share trader, not cfd



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In terms of setting automatic trigger prices to sell your shares in GNK, you will only be able to do this if the function is available under the order type function.


The 2 order types are:


1) Stop Market Day - this would be working for that day only and then would expire. 

2) Stop Market GTC - this would be held on the system for up to 90 calendar days and then would expire.


However if the stock is a SETsQX (market maker - quote driven) stock then you will not have this function to set automatic trigger prices to sell your shares. 


I hope this helps and answers your query.


If you have any further questions about our platform or the market in general, do no hesitate to ask!






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    • A demo account should work the same as live, otherwise it is misleading.
    • Hey,  The demo leveraged account will work in the same way however there are some issues on the demo account because we test on there to make sure the live account runs as smoothly as possible.  Unfortunately, as mentioned before, we don't offer demo for portfolios but you can find the performance information here. Say you wanted to see the data back from 31st July 2014, you can go back and see the performance since that time: https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/smart-portfolios/performance Thanks for your post. I will get this looked into so going forward this does not happen.   
    • @Trevbeats, Yes I do trade but I am an investor first and then a trader. I trade from the U.K.