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Do you know about mining machines?

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As a newcomer to the cryptocurrency world, many people are confused about what a mining machine is, and the difference between various types of mining machines!

Today, I will accompany you to talk about the mystery.

The mining machines currently used in the market are divided into ASIC miners, GPU miners, CDN miners and cloud miners, which can be subdivided into the calculation for different coins alone: ASIC miners and CPU miners.

ASIC miner, also called professional miner, is a kind of miner that uses ASIC chip as the core of calculation force, for example: BBZ Raytheon S99 Asic Miner, Ant Miner S9, S9i and so on. The virtual currencies it can mine are BTC/BCC, LTC, DASH and so on.
GPU miners, are miners that use a GPU graphics card as the core of calculation force. There are more virtual currencies that can be mined. In addition to the mainstream ETH/ETC, all other competing coins are basically mined with CPU miners.

Many people may have this question, why only ETH/ETC can't be mined using ASIC miners inside the current mainstream virtual coins, while the other kinds can.

The main reason is caused by the different calculation of ETH and BTC. The higher the calculation force of ETH, the larger the video memory occupation, and the faster the required speed.

The high-speed MC is only private IP of big technology companies like AMD and NV, which means that the design difficulty of ETH miners is much higher than BTC.

The other two are CDN miner and cloud miner. CDN miner is a new type of miner, which looks similar to a router and TV box, he does not mine by contributing calculation force, but by contributing network broadband and storage space, and the performance is not as strong compared to the first two miners mentioned. But in terms of low energy consumption, environmental protection and contribution to society, CDN miner makes more sense. Some of the virtual currencies it can mine are Play Coin, LLT, etc.

The cloud miner, on the other hand, is equivalent to a rental hosting service, where the consumer pays a certain fee, decides what coins to mine, the service provider mines them for you, and then just waits to get paid, in theory for all coins it can mine are.

Do you understand the difference between the various types of miners through this article?


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