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Open and Close positions on python trading_ig



I am new to trading_ig library.

I have connected to my live IG account.

from trading_ig import IGService
from trading_ig_config import config

ig_service = IGService(config.username, config.password, config.api_key, config.acc_type)

#account_info = ig_service.switch_account(config.acc_number, False) # not necessary

open_positions = ig_service.fetch_open_positions()
print("open_positions:\n%s" % open_positions)


I have been able to download the latest 100 days of an index:

resolution = 'D'
num_points = 100
response = ig_service.fetch_historical_prices_by_epic_and_num_points(epic, resolution, num_points)
df_ask = response['prices']['ask']
print("ask prices:\n%s" % df_ask)

Now, based on an algorithm that I have created, I want to be able to open and close a position automatically by letting the python code continuously run?

Do I need to use Lightstreamer?

How I open and close a position in Python?

Again, I am new to this and the IG documentation didn't provide much information.

Thanks for your help.

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