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PRT Variable section bug/feature request


Hi guys,


Why does the variable section not respect sizing when re-executing a backtest, or reloading your template?


If you have a chart with a ProBackTest on, and then save your template, the variable section does not respect the sizing that was set when you reopen/reload your template (or even if you just re-execute the backtest). It sometimes even moves the sections around - see below.


Also, why can you not set the style for variables - the line style is very limiting. It makes sense to be able to set styles such as histogram, etc.





When reopened:



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Thanks for taking the time to point out the differences when you save a template and use the backtest facility on the ProRealTime platform. 


I can see from the screenshots below that the price axis is different when comparing the 2 versions of the same item and so what I will do is contact the team at ProRealTime regarding this, as like ourselves, they really appreciate feedback.


I do hope that helps and as always if there is anything you can think of that would add value to your strategy then do let us know and we would love to hear from you. 


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Hi Stef,


I have heard back from ProRealTime regarding the window associated to the backtest and they have said that the reason of the limitations is because the backtest is treated as a temporary window and these windows are unable to be saved as a fixed graph and so that is where these differences will arise from.


With that said the point you have made has been gratefully received as valuable feedback and so I hope to see in the future an improvement of the backtesting windows. 


I do hope that helps and thanks again for bringing this up! 

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