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Corporate Action Warrant exercise

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Hello Everyone, i was wondering if someone could help explain the below to me (sent to me by the Corporate Action team).

I was told i have 3 options with the Warrant A  (+144 shares currently at 11.25) and Warrant B (+72 shares currently at 11.5) available. The current Whiting Petroleum shares stand at 68.03.

Any help or advice would be appreciated as i'm unsure what i should do with these warrants or if there's any benefit in then. 

Kind Regards

Please be informed that the below warrants have 3 options:
1. Exercise
2. Exercise - Cashless
3. No Action(Take no action)

Warrants A: 1 WARRANT PLUS USD 73.44 EQUALS 1 COMMON SHARE OF WHITING PETE CORP (Deadline 26th Aug 2024)
Warrants B: 1 WARRANT PLUS USD 83.45 EQUALS 1 COMMON SHARE OF WHITING PETE CORP (Deadline 26th Aug 2025)

Please submit your instructions before the deadline if you wish to exercise.

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