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Margin requirements on MT4

Guest Seeker

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Guest Seeker

To Whom it may concern, I have recently traded on your MT4 account and realised the margin requirement for Spot Forex does not reduce even though Stop Loss was input. Having to switch in between your CFD trading platform and monitor the charts on the MT4 is a big hassle. Am looking forward to your MT4 Developers in incorporate this in the MT4 platform and I'm sure it will even attract more clients to you. Thank you.

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Guest SimonC




Thanks for your comments and feedback - it's always useful.


I've checked this with our Tech Support team and it seems that MT4 is designed in this way by Metaquotes (the owner / developer of the MT4 platform).


Unlike the IG platform which uses a dynamic margin system to constantly re calculate the margin required, MT4 simply takes a snapshot of the trade size and requirement without including any stop reduction.


We are hoping that we may be able to work with the MT4 developers in order to have this implemented, but unfortunately I'm unable to give you any promises or guess at a release date.


Thanks again for your comments and feel free to get in touch if there's anything else we can help with.



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