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CostCo Wholesale Corp.(COST:NASDAQ) Elliott Wave Technical Analysis September 27 2022

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CostCo Wholesale Corp., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

CostCo Wholesale Corp.,(COST:NASDAQ): Daily Chart, September 27 2022
COSTStock Market Analysis:Unfolding as predicted in the last forecast. Looking for continuation lower.

COST Elliott Wave count:  (iii) of {iii}

COSTTrading Strategy:Looking to place shorts wave (iv) as well as any three wave upside move.

COSTTechnical Indicators:We are below the averages which could eventually turn out to act as resistance.

TradingLounge Analyst: Alessio Barretta






CostCo Wholesale Corp.,COST: 4-hour Chart, September 27 2022

CostCo Wholesale Corp.,Elliott Wave Technical Analysis
COST Stock Market Analysis: Looking for a pretty directional wave (iv) as wave (ii) was more of a sideways correction.

COSTElliott Wave count:  (iii) of {iii}

COST Technical Indicators: The 20 EMA(red line) could keep acting as resistance.

COSTTrading Strategy: Looking for short term shorts, eventually using the 20EMA as resistance.


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    • Dear @Bradipo, The above are not all session stocks, the market opens at 14:30. Thanks, KoketsoIG
    • Thank you KoketsoIG   I am not able to buy it on the share dealing account either, this is driving me mad - I am actually considering moving to another provider because of this, but I really don`t want to!
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