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DAX (GER40) variable or fixed spreads?

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16 hours ago, Faurh said:

Thank you @OfentseIG
How often is the spread changed? Is it from second to second, monthly etc.  
According to my observations today, it has stayed at 1.4 all day, is this correct?

Hi @Faurh

There is no time frame on how it changes. We do apply certain models in the background to measure certain factors. It depends on what is happening in the market. 

The bid-ask spread can be impacted by a range of factors, including:

Liquidity. How easily an asset can be bought or sold. As the liquidity of an asset increases, the bid-ask spread usually tightens
Volume. This is a method of reporting the quantity of an asset that is traded daily. Assets that have a higher trading volume will often have narrower bid-offer spreads
Volatility. This is a measure of how much the market price changes in a given period. During periods of high volatility, when prices change rapidly, the spread is usually much wider

All the best, OfentseIG

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