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What sort of share can I buy for my ISA

Guest Tiresias


Guest Tiresias

Hello, I have a newbie question: What sort of shares are you allowed to buy for your ISA, is there a list or are you only allowed to buy shares in GBP?


I am asking because I own some shares of VUSA but when I tried to purchase VYM I got an error message something like "invalid tax wrapper", is it because VYM is in USD?


Thank you in advance!

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Guest RobertR

Hi  thanks for your post!


You're absolutely right in saying that some markets are restricted from trading on an ISA account.


Usually, the restricted ones are ETFs that trade on the US market, as there are issues with their suitability under the ISA tax efficient wrapper. You can trade a lot of US denominated stocks, it's just the ETF aspect that causes the problem.


The way to check whether the particular market is available would be via our ETF screener. You can follow this link to find this section and when you first open the page it'll ask you whether you want to view all ETFs or just the ones that are ISA eligible.


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!





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Guest Tiresias

Thank you very much one last quick unrelated question: Is it possible to buy/sell long term calls/puts in the 1+ year horizon I.E. LEAPS


Once again thank you for your reply.

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Guest RobertR

Hi  so sorry for the late reply!


We do indeed offer options on equities. Due to the number of markets and the relatively low demand, you can only trade these over the phone with us. I'm afraid however that this is not available on Share Dealing/ISA accounts, just Spread Betting or CFDs.


The stock itself will also have to be sufficiently liquid and large for us to be able to offer options, but generally if there's an option on the underlying market, we'll be able to offer it to you.


Are there any particular stocks you'd like for me to check if we can offer options?





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