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The Trader Desk Inc.(TDD:NASDAQ) Elliott Wave Technical Analysis November 8 2022

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The Trader Desk Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

The Trader Desk Inc., (TDD:NASDAQ): Daily Chart, November 8 2022, 

TDD Stock Market Analysis: Looking for the mov in wave B of (B) to come to an end soon tothen take advantage of upside in wave C.

TDD Elliott Wave Count: Wave {y} of B.

TDD Technical Indicators:We are below all EMAs. We have reached the point of control dictatedby volume.

TDD Trading Strategy:Looking for further confirmation before considering longs.

TradingLounge Analyst: Alessio Barretta






The Trader Desk Inc., TDD: 4-hour Chart, November 8 2022

The Trader Desk Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

TDD Stock Market Analysis: It looks like we down move is not completed yet as we do not havea clrea five wave sequence established.

TDD Elliott Wave count: Wave 5 of iii.

TDD Technical Indicators: Below all EMAs.

TDD Trading Strategy:You may look for very short term shorts as we should start getting a seriesof wave fours.


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    • Why is this?    what’s the reason? I’ve had open positions on this stock for over 3 years 
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