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Trailing stops, and trailing gains orders

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I would like IG to have a those orders and stops very clearly in the ticket of the order, as part of the many other important but very worrying without insurance policies, as stop loss and trailing gains and trailing loss, I study PhD in the school of medicine at Melbourne university, I spend far many hours in the day every day in research, so I can say I me an expert in finding information, no matter how complex the task is.


however, I have to confess that I have failed miserably to find those insurance policies and moreover it’s not showing, that the main window of trading, any sophisticated trading tools READILY available, without spending days searching and then you fail to find it.


furthermore, one of my main reasons to Joining was AI Trading and BOTS??, something I could not see anywhere, and it must be at our disposal in the main windows and windows commands and drop menus.


The windows of the platform of IG trading are so simple and lacking the most important items to be available instantly, moreover its also looks like a very teething system.


So, to summaries:

1.      All stop orders, trailing orders, and all insurance orders to be part of the final ticket for placing orders, before confirming the either sell or buy, and also whether sell short or buy long options.

2.      All AI Bots and drop menu to its help and how to plus education, etc. must be there in front of us, not to have to go 360 degrees doing a PhD in only how to find items, show important to trade, let alone the decisions of trading?


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