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Eur 200 day moving average

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6 hours ago, Mark31 said:

I wanted to check what people see as Eur 200 day ma .       IG charts show 1.0265 odd .   Talking to others they see closer to 1.0400 .    

Big difference .   wondering why ? or if I have set up my IG charts incorrectly ?   

Hi @Mark31

Are you viewing the same price and time? To view the type of  Price you have set up on the chart, you can check this by right clicking on the chart > show > price 

You can also view this on the top of the chart as shown below. 


All the best, OfentseIG

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when I click on price , I see I have set up mid .   this is fine .

Today IG has Aud 200 day ma at 6860       Bloomberg has 6940

For the Eur , IG has 1.0270     Bloomberg has 1.0400   I have attached my IG Eur chart .

So , Im  still unsure why the large difference ? 




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