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Spotify Inc.(SPOT:NASDAQ) Elliott Wave Technical Analysis 16 March 23

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Spotify Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis
Spotify Inc., (SPOT:NASDAQ): Daily Chart, 16 March 23,
SPOT Stock Market Analysis: Moving as expected, looking for further upside into wave {v}. We could be due another leg lower into wave (c) to then resume higher.  
SPOT Elliott Wave Count: Wave (b) of {iv}.
SPOT Technical Indicators: Above all averages.
SPOT Trading Strategy: Waiting for a potential leg lower to then look for longs.
TradingLounge Analyst: Alessio Barretta
Spotify Inc., SPOT: 4-hour Chart, 16 March 23,
Spotify Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis
SPOT Stock Market Analysis: Here an alternate to the other bullish count. A potential triangle in wave {iv} to immediately resume higher.  
SPOT Elliott Wave count: Wave (e) of {iv}.
SPOT Technical Indicators: 20EMA as support.  
SPOT Trading Strategy: Looking for a bottom in place, ready for upside.
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