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Margin Calls on Demo Accounts? Are position closures simulated?

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Hi Folks,

I've just posted the below to a reply on an FX thread but it's really applicable to trading any market so thought I'd repost it here, it should be relevant to anyone playing with the demo account re spread betting and CFDs.

So I'm a newbie here trying to get my head around spread betting (as opposed to CFDs for the tax benefit)... 

I want to figure out the dreaded margin call position closure before I start using real money.

From: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/margin/what-is-margin-call

"Standard trading accounts will be triggered for position closure when your equity drops beneath 50% of your margin requirement."

Yesterday I entered a random trade to try and trigger a margin call trade close (50%) but it doesn't seem to work? I wanted to get the thoughts of the community just to see if my logic works out on what I think should have triggered it...

Funds: £500

Natural Gas: 2644

Size / Long: £1.85

Opening Margin: £489.14

Just taking into account whole numbers on the price, 2644, 2643, 2642 etc. on my calculation the margin call sell off should have occurred at 2498...

Funds: £500

Natural Gas 2498

Size / Long: £1.85

Current Margin: £462.13

P/L: -£270.10

Equity: £229.90

50% of £462.13 = £231.07

Equity has dropped below 50% of margin...

This all happened yesterday... Natural Gas ended up dropping to £2454.50 so shouldn't that trade have closed out?

Thanks in advance for any input.


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