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Anonymity in cryptocurrency

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Description of cryptocurrency anonymization methods used by shady businesses

Shady businesses often use cryptocurrency for illegal transactions, including money laundering. In order to hide their activities, people use various methods to anonymize cryptocurrency transactions. In this article, we look at some of the most common cryptocurrency anonymization methods used by shady businesses.

Using alternative cryptocurrencies

Shady businesses can use alternative cryptocurrencies that are designed specifically for anonymous transactions. An example of such a cryptocurrency is Monero, which uses the principles of privacy and anonymity. With Monero, all transactions are completely hidden, making them untraceable.

Using cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges can be used to anonymize transactions. A person can create several accounts on an exchange and then transfer funds between them. However, this process may look like a normal cryptocurrency exchange to an outside observer.

Using mixers

Mixers are special services that allow users to mix their cryptocurrencies with other users' cryptocurrencies to make it harder to track transactions. The user sends their cryptocurrencies to a mixer address, which in turn sends funds to other addresses. The result is a situation where transactions become very difficult to track as funds move between multiple addresses.

Blending is a technique to anonymise transactions in the cryptocurrency network and is used to conceal the source and destination of the transaction.

The principle of blending is that multiple users deposit their funds into one shared cryptocurrency wallet (the blender), which is controlled by the blending service. The service then mixes all the funds in the wallet and sends them to other addresses on the blockchain. As a result, the transactions become untraceable and the source and destination addresses become unknown.

Blending thus allows users to make their transactions anonymous, harder to trace and link them to a specific source.

Splitting is a simple technique, the aim is to divide the volume of shadow money into thousands of small transactions into different wallets, different users in different countries. Then this money is mixed in the market and there is no point in looking for it.

There are both centralized and decentralized blending services. In the centralized model, all users send their funds to one wallet and they are blended together. In the decentralised model, each user creates their own unique mixing address and all addresses are mixed together without revealing the final recipients.

Some cryptocurrencies, such as Monero and Zcash, provide built-in blending functionality, making their transactions more anonymous than transactions in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, where anonymity is provided through additional services and programs.

Examples of using mixing in shady businesses

Mixing is one of the most common methods of anonymizing cryptocurrency in the shady business. Its principle is to mix cryptocurrencies from different sources in order to make it difficult to determine their true origin and ownership. Here are some examples of the use of mixing in the shady business:

Online casinos

Online casinos are one of the most common places where cryptocurrency mixing is used. Many casinos offer their customers the opportunity to fund their account anonymously using cryptocurrencies. Casinos then use this method to mix crypto from different sources to hide their true origin.

Shadow markets

Shadow markets have used blending to conceal the origin of cryptocurrencies derived from the sale of illicit goods such as drugs. Vendors in shadow markets use blending to mix cryptocurrencies from sales with cryptocurrencies from other sources to make them harder to trace.

Transfers across borders

Some people use mixing to hide the origin of cryptocurrency when transferring across borders. For example, they may mix cryptocurrencies from one exchange with cryptocurrencies from other sources before transferring them to another exchange in another country.

How to make money from mixing cryptocurrency?

Recently, the emergence of new technological solutions in the anonymization industry has attracted an increasing number of interested users on the Internet. Examples of such mixers are bots called   -Mixer50x350

blendermix and others.

These telegram bots allow people to exchange regular currency for crypto. But what makes this technology unique is the ability to use a mixing mechanism that allows transactions to remain anonymous.

The concept behind this bot is that the user sends their funds to certain sites, which is then processed by the mixing system. The blending mechanism used in this system is to move the user's funds through a series of randomly selected addresses belonging to other users. As a result, the transactions are commingled, making it impossible to identify the sender and the recipient.

It is worth noting that this technology is not new. The blending mechanism has long been used by shady businesses and crypto-anarchists to circumvent legislation and keep transactions confidential. However, new technological solutions, such as the Mixer50x350, make the blending process much simpler and accessible to companies in need of money clearing and in fact it is a platform where the customer and the executor meet and each gets their own. The client receives pure fiat (cash) and the performers receive income for their participation in the money mixing process.

For many shady businessmen and crypto-anarchists, the use of a blending mechanism has become an integral part of their work as it allows them to maintain anonymity and avoid prosecution by law enforcement agencies. However, it is worth remembering that the use of such techniques can be illegal and may be liable to prosecution.


Obviously, cryptocurrency anonymization has not only a bright side, but also a dark side, and shady businesses actively use various methods to ensure their privacy. However, this does not mean that cryptocurrency anonymization in general is anything negative or criminal. After all, there are many reasons why people might be interested in anonymity in their financial transactions, such as to protect their privacy or to avoid financial censorship.

Cryptocurrency anonymization technologies have both pros and cons, and their use can be both beneficial and detrimental. It is important to understand that cryptocurrency anonymity can be a tool to both protect privacy and commit criminal acts, and should be used wisely and responsibly.


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