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Netflix Inc.(NFLX:NASDAQ) Elliott Wave Technical Analysis13 April 23

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Netflix Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis
Netflix Inc., (NFLX:NASDAQ): Daily Chart, 13 April 23,
NFLX Stock Market Analysis: Looking for continuation lower into wave B as we have had a sharp move off the top in Nov 2021.  
NFLX Elliott Wave Count:  Wave {b} of B.  
NFLX Technical Indicators: Above averages.  
NFLX Trading Strategy: Looking for further confirmation before considering shorts.  
TradingLounge's Analyst: Alessio Barretta

Netflix Inc., NFLX: 4-hour Chart, 13 April 23,
Netflix Inc., Elliott Wave Technical Analysis
NFLX Stock Market Analysis: We can see a potential three wave move into wave {b}. Looking for further downside which need more confirmation.  
NFLX Elliott Wave count:  Wave (i) of {c}.  
NFLX Technical Indicators: Below 20EMA.
NFLX Trading Strategy: Looking for short term shorts, ideally if we break the bottom of wave (b).
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