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demo account Vs real live account ??

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hello everyonr, just want some feedback / experience from people , is the demo account a way to lure you in ? or is it based on real data and you can expect the same results in live and demo mode ?

any feedback would be great as used PLUS 500 and thats defo manipulated and clearly bets against the retail trader


thanks Antony 

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Yes, its real data, if your spread betting for CFD the spread is also calculated so your fees are included. 

I use Plus500 also and the prices are not manipulated, it maybe the spread thats catching you out (when you enter any trade you start at a disadvantage due to the spread) 

if your not aware of what a BID/MID/ASK price is or how spread works I would recommend jumping on YouTube to have a quick look. 

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I'm a crypto trader as such my Demo account experience is on Bitget future trading account. The major difference is that with Real accounts you will trade with real funds, while on Demo account users get to use virtual money with no real value to trade. Other than that, the market conditions for Demo accounts are exactly the same as they are for Real accounts, making them ideal for practicing any strategies you deem fit.

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