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Euro/British Pound(EURGBP) 4 Hour Chart Elliott Wave Technical Analysis 2 October 23

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EURGBP Elliott Wave Analysis Trading Lounge 4 Hour Chart, 2 October 23
Euro/British Pound(EURGBP) 4 Hour Chart
EURGBP Elliott Wave Technical Analysis
Mode: corrective as red wave  2  
Structure:2 of 3
Position:blue wave 3
Direction Next higher Degrees:wave 3 of 3
Details:red wave 2 of 3 in play and red wave 2 likely to end between fib level 50.00 to 61.80 . Wave Cancel invalid level: 0.85231
The EURGBP Elliott Wave Analysis on 2 October 23, provides insights into the 4-hour chart of the Euro/British Pound (EURGBP) currency pair. Utilizing Elliott Wave theory, the analysis aims to identify potential market trends and price movements to aid trading decisions.
The specified Function is "Trend," indicating a primary focus on identifying and interpreting market movements that align with the overarching trend. In this instance, the analysis aims to capture potential corrective moves within the identified trend.
The described Mode is "corrective," suggesting an expectation of corrective price movements. Corrective waves often signify a temporary interruption in the prevailing trend before the trend resumes.
The Market Structure is identified as "2 of 3," suggesting that the analysis is particularly focused on understanding and analyzing the second wave within the broader Elliott Wave framework. This provides insights into the ongoing wave dynamics within the larger wave pattern.
Regarding the Position, it is stated as "blue wave 3," indicating the specific wave within the Elliott Wave framework that is currently in play. Wave 3 is often known for strong and impulsive price movements.
The Direction Next Higher Degrees points to "wave 3 of 3," highlighting the analysis's focus on monitoring and interpreting the ongoing development of this wave within the broader Elliott Wave structure.
In the Details section, it is mentioned that "red wave 2 of 3" is currently in play, and it is expected to conclude between the Fibonacci levels of 50.00 to 61.80. Fibonacci retracement levels are essential in technical analysis, aiding in identifying potential levels of support or resistance.
The "Wave Cancel invalid level" is specified as 0.85231, providing a crucial reference point for managing trading risks and potential trade entry or exit points.
In summary, the EURGBP Elliott Wave Analysis on 2 October 23, suggests a corrective phase within the identified trend, with a specific focus on the ongoing "red wave 2 of 3." Traders are advised to monitor this wave's progression, considering the indicated Fibonacci levels for potential price targets or reversal points. The provided invalid level serves as a reference for effective risk management in trading decisions.
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