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Capital Gains & UK Share Trading

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I thought IG was going to launch a new statement which shows the Capital Gains made / owed on UK Shares in Mid September? 

Any have any idea when this will be launched? 


As a side note, IF IG doesn't introduce this new statement which shows Capital Gains on share trading, what's the best way to work it out? I have many transactions in one financial year & sometimes buying, selling and buying the same share in the same day.


Many thanks.


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Hi Nichalex,


I'm struggling to locate an excel spreadsheet for CGT for my yearly trading of shares.  Are you happy to provide me a copy of your excel spreadsheet to input my own share dealings please?


This is driving me mad, as the rules are so confusing and all HMRC do is provide you with loads and loads of documents (which make no sense to me :( ). 



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