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Commodities: Bitcoin, Bonds, DXY, Gold, Silver, Iron Ore, Copper, Uranium, Oil, Gas. Elliott Wave

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Commodities Market Trading Report - Technical Analysis Elliott Wave, Trading Levels and Trading Strategies
Content: Bitcoin, US Bond Yields, USD, DXY, US Gold XAU, GDX, Silver XAG, Gold Stocks, Iron Ore, Copper, Uranium, Crude Oil, Natural Gas.
Commodities Market Summary: Gold and Silver Wave (b) of ii). TLT Bonds Wave 1. 10 yr. Yields Wave 1. USD DXY Support on 104 with a Classic TradingLevels pattern would see further upside, if not then down for Wave v) of 1 - it’s a bit of wait and see. Energy markets continue to trend lower but expect support sooner rather than later. And base metals, we have Iron Ore and Uranium holding trends to the upside and Copper has three waves up, let’s see if it can create five waves as an impulse wave or just fail from here based on the three waves up.

Video Chapters
00:00 Bitcoin (BTC) Ether ETHUSD
01.30 US Dollar Index, DXY
04:07 TLT Bonds. US Gov Bonds 10 Yr Yields
05:36 Precious Metals: Spot Gold  / US Spot Silver / XGD and Gold Stocks US / ASX
09:06 Base Metals: XME ETF, Iron Ore, Copper. Uranium URA.
12:54 Energy: XLE ETF / Crude Oil / Natural Gas 
20:50 End

Analyst Peter Mathers TradingLounge™ 



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