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Commodities & Futures Market Analysis: Elliott Wave Insights & Strategies

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Commodities Market Trading Report - Technical Analysis Elliott Wave, Trading Levels and Trading Strategies
Content: Bitcoin, US Bond Yields, USD, DXY, US Gold XAU, GDX, Silver XAG, Gold Stocks, Iron Ore, Copper, Uranium, Crude Oil, Natural Gas.
Commodities Market Summary Bitcoins current move down appears impulsive, so we can expect a corrective rally and then another leg lower into 39 - 38K at a rough guess. This three wave move down can be an ABC corrective pattern, however I cannot confirm this and any move below this three wave ABC pattern would be a larger bearish pattern, I understand this does not fit Bitcoin narrative.
Forex: The USD DXY is starting its rally higher as Wave c) of 2 and once this is completed it opens a door for longer term long trades in other currency pairs which I will place in the CommodityCheck portfolio as Trades. The Wave 2 in the DXY also supports long trade in Spot Gold and Gold stocks. This will also be a major focus point for Trades.

Video Chapters
00:00 Bitcoin (BTC)
16:10 US Dollar Index, DXY 
22:18 TLT Bonds. US Gov Bonds 10 Yr Yields
24:32 Precious Metals: Spot Gold XAU /GDX ETF / US Spot Silver XAG 
33:30 Base Metals: Iron Ore, Copper XCU/USD. Uranium URA ETF
42:32 Energy: Crude Oil WTIOIL / Natural Gas NG
49:52 End

Analyst Peter Mathers TradingLounge™ 



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