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Buy price and potential profit



A couple of questions to see if I’m missing something simple, and doing things the hard way, because there’s every chance I am - at the beginning of my trading journey but looking forward to learning. 

Firstly - is there a simple way to find out what the minimum buy price into a market will be? I am currently placing the minimum amount of shares into the buy calculator to see what price comes from that. And working my way through the markets in this style. I’m not trading in large amounts and am slowly building a watch list of markets that are within my price range to be trading in, but wondering if there’s a better way to find and group these markets?

Secondly - how would I go about calculating the expected sell amount, or profit, from a trade I want to buy into if it should sell where I expect it to. I’ve over thought this, and confused myself the difference would be multiplied per share, per dollar or by the whole investment amount. 
Which also brings me to ask additionally if I’d be better off having my charts run on the percentage option rather than linear for a better first glance grasp at the range the candlesticks cover and potential change in prices (and also just using my eye **** to look at the difference between the high and low is probably a good idea too…).

Very open to any other relevant info or anything you think imperative to beginning here. 

Thank you! 

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