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The Growth Of $Toad Tagged MemeCoins

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Solana has clearly been unstoppable, newer projects have come forth with novel narratives and traction. As such, one of the projects currently on my radar is $TOAD. The latter is a meme token that has stepped away slightly from traditional memes.

The project’s team has gone forward to forge formidable partnerships with the likes of the hedge fund Gotbit but as well as top level companies like; Playbux. Through the instrument of these partnerships, the project is seen to be leveraging them to build exclusive applications. Some of these are aimed towards actively progressing and continuously expanding TOAD’s influence.

Since $TOAD launched, it has garnered immensely good social media engagement around these english speaking crypto savvy communities who have expressed optimism towards the TOAD project. 

Keenly looking at $TOAD, one would see that it has quite good potential. At the time of writing, it has garnered about 5,000 holders. The market capitalisation is about $10M.

To further iterate how undervalued it is, only Bitget as a T1 platform has listed it. With this listing, you can be a part of the 1500 holders who by achieving a spot buying volume of 100 USDT will be eligible to receive 100 TOAD each. Similarly, by following the CEX and @toadieco on twitter as long as quoting with the hashtag; #TOADxBitget eligible users can stand to earn about $50 worth of TOAD each.

These are good opportunities to earn this potentially filled memecoin. I’m optimistic about the project’s growth.

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