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MT4 on MacOS down?




I've been running MT4 on a Mac (downloaded via IG.com) successfully for years but it seems to have gone down at 02.38 this morning (25th March) as that is the last bar of BTC that has been loaded.

I've restarted my computer and MT4 but the 'connection status' in the bottom right corner is red /  red and the status alternates between Old Version and No Connection.

I've rescanned servers and re-logged into my account but no joy. The journal shows MT4 is trying to login every 30 seconds or so but reports 'LiveUpdate: old version, try to download new one' every time.

I am running build version1403 of MT4 from the IG website which as far as I'm aware is the most recent before support MT4 was discontinued?

I leave the system running 24hrs a day and there have been no updates or changes to my operating system.

Any help much appreciated!


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