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Gear Up for Battle: Ready to Fight (RTF) Token Enters the Arena

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Ready to Fight represents the first real attempt at bringing the global boxing community of over 50 million athletes, promoters, trainers, managers, and diehard fans into the world of decentralized social media and finance (SocialFi). It was founded by none other than heavyweight boxing superstar Oleksandr Usyk and blockchain entrepreneur Sergey Lapin. The native RTF token acts as the lifeblood of this intricately designed web3 social network. Stake RTF to access premium content and services. Use it to directly sponsor fighters you support or pay trainers for their time. Spend RTF on limited-edition boxing gear or merchandise drops. Thanks to the RTF listing on Bitget, crypto enthusiasts and boxing fans alike can now invest in and drive the rapidly expanding ecosystem. The low initial circulating supply and market cap suggests a massive upside for this first-of-its-kind SocialFi platform serving the boxing world.

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